Welcome to Shield Plus Pest Control

Our mission at Shield Plus Pest Control is to provide affordable and effective pest control services to the Sioux Falls and surrounding area. Our shield gives you the peace of mind that a protective barrier keeps the bugs from entering the area where you and your family live, sleep and prepare food. The "+" guarantees the quality and work of our technicians.

Shield + Pest Control provide services designed to safe guard your home or business from the destructive activity of pests and to defend your family's health from disease-carrying pests. We offer quality assured programs for residential and commercial properties.

Shield + Pest Control offers a variety of other full-service capabilities. We provide pest management services for every type of need, including insect, rodent, stored product pest, and other general pest control services. We specialize in Bed Bug, Roach, and Flea infestations as well.

Shield + Pest Control continually trains and educates our technicians with the most advanced pest control products and techniques available. If you have an infestation in your home and property or want to set up an affordable prevention plan, call us today for a FREE estimate and get rid of what's bugging you!

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